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Pulse Highlights

Powerful Protection


Powerful Protection

The serious protection of a nervous system override, that comes with a little less worry than what you normally carry.


Lightweight Construction


Lightweight Construction

The Pulse is durable but light. There's nothing to hold you back from going about your business.


Pocket-Sized Freedom


Pocket-Sized Freedom

The Pulse easily fits in just about anywhere—whenever you need a little more assurance.

Built with self-protection in mind.

Pulse Features

  • Replaceable 15' Cartridges

    Keep attackers at a safe distance.

  • Assisted Targeting

    High visibility flashlight and laser.

  • Sloped Trigger Guard

    Makes discreet holstering easier.

  • Angled Mechanical Sights

    Prevents snagging when drawing.

  • Shaved Safeties

    More ergonomic when carrying.

"A great less-lethal alternative."

What Pulse owners are saying
"The Pulse looks, feels, and operates like a real gun. And that's what you want in a self-defense situation. You may not have time to think about it; you just need to grab your device and deploy it quickly. And on that point the Pulse succeeds."
"Excellent self-defense option for areas where carrying a firearm is impractical."
"This is my third TASER product… I downed a would-be mugger and got my wife and myself away. She called the police and that was the end of what could have been a tragic incident."

Same protection. Less worry.

How Pulse Compares


Stun Gun Stun Gun

Firearm Firearm

Pulse Pulse

Safety Distance

Safety Distance

Arms length

> 15 feet

15 feet

How it Works

How it works

Pain Compliance Pain compliance

Deadly Deadly

Total Nervous System Override Total nervous system override

Nervous system override time

Nervous system override time

Motivated attackers fight through

Depends on location of shot

30 second
nervous system override


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